Watson calls for common sense

John Davidson

Salford coach Ian Watson has called for common sense to be used by the match review panel when it comes to contact with the referee.

Salford winger Justin Carney was suspended for deliberate contact with a referee in their win over Huddersfield.

Watson said Carney’s contact was unintentional and the Australian is being treated unfairly because of his past bans.

“Justin hasn’t gone in there to hurt the referee,” Watson said.

“Justin’s a great guy, a lovely guy. If Justin wasn’t to walk into the ref that ref wouldn’t have been standing.

“Common sense has to come through. I think he feels he’s being treated differently. I know he feels a little bit hard done to.

“We’ve been trying to clarify it, who’s answerable for these decisions? We want to go to someone and ask questions.

“We felt Justin was banned before he already went up there already. There has to be a level of common sense.”