Warrington coach against ClubCall system

Warrington coach Tony Smith says he is against the “ClubCall” system that allows his side to select who they play in the play-off semi-finals.

The ClubCall system was introduced in 2009, and only once has the team who picked their opponents in the semi-finals gone on to win the Grand Final – Leeds back in 2009.

Smith told the BBC: “I’ll turn up and coach the team to play whoever we decide as a club to play, but it certainly won’t be anything influenced by me.

“I’m not in agreeance with it, I don’t think it adds to our competition.

“It makes it very difficult to explain how our finals work. It’s already a complex situation and then you’ve got to try to explain that one club gets a call on top of that.

“For those who enjoy it, good luck to them, but like everybody else I’ll probably get a text message telling me who we’re playing.”

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