Wane never happy with Wigan

Wigan coach Shaun Wane has stated that his club is always trying to improve, and is never happy with where they currently stand.

The Warriors have put out a young side in their last few games, but even senior players are put under pressure to constantly be looking to improve, according to Wane.

“We’re always trying to learn here, we’re never happy with what we do,” said the coach.

“We just want to get better. If we have that attitude then hopefully we’ll see the rewards at the end of the year.”

The Warriors hammered Hull FC 56-10 at the weekend, a performance Wane previously described as “low key”.

Having watched it back several times, however, it has impressed him much more than it did initially.

The display of some of the young players who featured was particularly pleasing for the Wigan coach.

“I’ve watched the game a few times, and the more I watch it, the more it impresses me,” he said.

“We weren’t at our best, we’ve not been this year, but having nine out and scoring 56 points against Hull was a great achievement.

“People like George Williams, Sam Powell and Dan Sarginson are doing a great job. They’ve come in and gripped hold of their positions.

“They’re performing out of this world, and I’m really pleased with how they’ve gone about their business.

“It just shows the potential strength of the club when we get other players back. Those kids are doing a great job now, so what it does create is competition for places, and that is key.

“I think they looked fantastic, especially George. Sam’s been consistently good this year, but I think George had one of his best games.

“The way he handled the game and pushed the team around was outstanding.”

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