Wales & Germany name squads

Germany and their ‘mentor country’ Wales have named squads for the countries’ forthcoming clash in Osnabruck on October 22.

The Wales team is the Dragonhearts, the team which consists entirely of domestically based players.

Wales is the mentor country for Germany in the part EU-funded RLEF training and education portal cluster, which also includes Denmark and Ireland.

Wales have helped us a lot with various aspects of developing the sport including advice and guidance on such things as strategy, membership schemes and insurance,” said German Rugby League (NRLD) president Bob Doughton.

“Through the cluster we have very close ties with the Wales coaching and development staff and this match is planned as a further stage in the development of our national team, hence the ‘Mentors Challenge’ title.

“We will be looking for a solid performance and improvements on the two games we have had so far this season in the Western Cup, losing at home to Belgium and winning away in Holland.”

Wales RL performance coach Jon Ellis is looking forward to further developing the relationship between the two countries.

“We are looking forward to playing against and further cementing our ties with Germany,” he said.

“Relationships between the two nations are growing and this game should ensure future development at international and club level for both. Everyone is looking forward to the trip and further spreading the sport.”


Sebastian Peter, David Ziekursch (Berlin), Liam Doughton, Vivian Seelweger (Dortmund), Karsten Brüning, Mitch Evers, Florian Frede , Jannek Hagenah (Karlshöfen), Mawuli Amefia (Karlsruhe), Joshua Leutenecker, Sebastian Roczyn (Leipzig), Felix Buhla, Arne Falk, Marc Zupan (Münster), Rico Wall (Osnabrück), Andrew Hoggins (Oxford), Zak Bredin, Eddie Briggs (Paderborn), Ben White (Swinton Lions), Ben Dent (York City Knights


Bradley Williams (Cardiff City RL), Jonny Rae (Chester Gladiators), Harry Boots, Matthew Davies, Curtis Ford, Morgan Jefferies, Aaron Lewis, Daf Philips, Ben Swift, Josh Taylor (West Wales Raiders) Sam Baker, Matthew Cummins, Mike Edwards, Louis Pengelly (Torfaen Tigers), Ethan Coombs, Scott Giles, Dean Higgs, Mike Hurley, Craig Lewis, Ross Price, Yousif Sulliman, Liam Watton (Valley Cougars)

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