Wakefield fans plan Pride protests for Israel Folau visit

James Gordon

Wakefield chairman Michael Carter was approached by fans wanting to bring pride flags to their home season opener against Israel Folau’s Catalans next week and says they are working on “something” for the game.

The Dragons visit Belle Vue in round two, and Carter blasted the decision to enable Folau to sign for the club, saying as a Super League director he had no say in the move whatsoever.

He also said that the club will have news next week on something that will be compassed within the round two game between the clubs.

Carter said: “I don’t believe he should have been allowed in.

”Are we seen now as a safety net for anybody who has been kicked out of other competitions?

“I don’t think is the sort of advert we should be putting out for our sport. The views he holds are abhorrent and to hide behind religious beliefs is wrong.


“This is a modern world and we’ve got to be accepting of people who may not share the same views.

“We’ve got to make the world a tolerant place and I don’t think there’s any tolerance in the views he holds.

“It would have been a straight ‘no’ from me but I can’t dictate what another club’s moral standards are and I can’t dictate policy at the RFL.

“I am a director of Super League but I have had no say on this matter whatsoever.”

Wakefield open their Super League campaign with a trip to Hull KR on Friday.