VOTE NOW: Where should Magic Weekend be held in 2018?

The RFL have released a survey asking fans about their experience Magic Weekend, and one of the questions is where should it be held in 2018?

Should it make a return to Manchester or Cardiff, stay at Newcastle or even go somewhere else, perhaps abroad?

Here are the 10 options – choose your favourite!

Where should the Magic Weekend be held in 2018?

  • Anfield, Liverpool - 1078
  • Villa Park, Birmingham - 175
  • Ricoh Arena, Coventry - 198
  • Millennium Stadium, Cardiff - 603
  • Etihad Stadium, Manchester - 1462
  • St James' Park, Newcastle - 3069
  • Olympic Park Stadium, London - 199
  • Olympic Stadium, Barcelona - 543
  • Wembley Stadium, London - 93
  • Elland Road, Leeds - 824


  1. St James park Newcastle without a doubt, I know the idea is to move it around and promote the game but Newcastle is the perfect venue.

    • Newcastle great stadium and there staff very helpfull,bars restraunts on the door step, and the taxis are queing up outside the stadium.Even duwn Cas taxis will not go near the den for an hour after the game ends.

    • I with you and just wish they would make there mind up, I live away and have to sort Flights and Hotels out, At least at Newcastle I could get it sorted in advance, By the time they make there minds up, All my flights will have doubled,

  2. Why not have the option to take it to Scotland but instead of Edinburgh why not Ibrox Stadium in Glasgow???. Great city, easy transport to and from the Stadium from the city centre and would bring Rugby League to a new audience in the West of Scotland.

  3. Manchester city a non starter nothing near or around stadium Cardiff & Newcastle your straight out of ground and into city centre shops @ pubs. would definiterley attend Newcastle again

  4. Went to the Magic weekend for the first time this year.
    Had a fabulous time, with a great group of friends, and will definitely be going again next year if it is in Newcastle.

  5. Enjoyed two magic weekends in Newcastle but time to change it up a bit..give another city a chance to host it and bring in’s not only Newcastle that knows how to have a good time!!

  6. bring it south a touch ..let the softies see what a proper game of rugby is 😉 plenty around midlands with easy access to and from

  7. Magic Weekend is a Superb innovation. I think wherever it is held it will be well attended . I know league points are at Stake but being part of it , makes you feel like you are in a Cup Final

  8. Please Newcastle, Great city, friendly people not rip off prices and was able to park close enough to stadium for elderly father to walk.been to every single one only Cardiff compares to Newcastle but too far. Have to remember school work next day
    Went to Anfield for world cup great stadium but no hotels pubs shops etc in walking distance.

  9. Why not think outside the box and try Dublin at the aviva community, great city, great social life,world class stadium and facilities as apposed to the same old ideas

  10. Barcelona sounds like a great idea but would you get the amount of fans travelling to Spain, I think Birmingham is the next place it should go to, the Midlands is a place where the amateur game is thriving with at least 23 clubs that i know of, it is just a shame that Carlisle does not have a large enough stadium what with Cumbria being every bit a part of the heartland as Lancs and Yorks.

  11. With the majority of super league teams being from Yorkshire or Lancashire, somewhere central to the two would be the most beneficial to the majority of the fans who have to travel. (ie. West Yorkshire or East Lancashire) Elland Road fits the bill perfectly and has excellent transport links

  12. Why not split the weekend?
    One day, 3 matches in one place, one day, 3 matches in another place.
    Or you could mix it with some of the Championship games to make it a 2 day event at both?
    Just a thought

  13. Keep it at Newcastle we have been the last three years and it Is fantastic, I would cancelle all other championship games to boost the attendance then perhaps have a mini Magic for those clubs … Just saying

  14. how much longer do we take out game to places its never gona take off. we have a bigger problem losing the top players so i say save the money to help keep them in our game.

  15. St James park for me,it’s a long way to travel for me as I live on the Isle of Wight so, I rent a cottage for a week and make a holiday of it, Northumberland is truly beautiful,the venue is spot on and the magic ticket prices are a great deal

  16. having been to every magic i think newcastle has been the best venue we stay at a caravan park with fans from all clubs and have a great time you cant do that at manchester or liverpool we wood just go for the day

  17. Barcelona.English love Spain and specially Barcelona and around.
    18000 fans a few years ago for Catalans vs Warington.
    Can be successful again for a Magic WE.

  18. I’d advise against Elland Road. When the international was held there I was charged five pounds to park in what must have been the largest puddle in Yorkshire.

  19. Been to newcastle 3 years now for magic weekend loved everyone and the different fans I have met say they would rather have it at st james park Newcastle as there is better facilities there

  20. Newcastle is easy for us all to get to, has a great, cheap metro system so you can stay anywhere on the network and still get into the town centre easily, plenty of eateries nearby, and decent quality grub and drink in the stadium. Also they make us welcome, and seem to really enjoy having us there. Why not keep it in one place and build the relationship ? If it has to move, ( and I think Newcastle is the “Goldilocks town”) please don’t move it down to he south, they’ve already got lads of sporting events, why should they have ours? If we have it in the hometown of one of our teams that’s not fair on the rest, and if we go back to Manchester we will be held to ransom for food and drink again and not we’ll looked after – las time they ran out of water on day one and never bothered to re-stock. THEN they ran out of beer – I rest my case!

  21. why not have it at queen elizabeth stadium it would give a chance for people to head out of london. it is a bute stadium as far as i can recall their has been one rugby league international down their it was nice to go down there as a change from wembley.

  22. Had a top day at magic weekend this year it was a great day out in Newcastle i hope it’s there next year it’s a good day out for all the Rugby fans!!!

  23. Would love Barcelona but people have to go to work and children to school the next day unless you change it to the bank holiday weekend and families can make a good full weekend of it.

  24. I think it should be somewhere near for all teams to travel. Newcastle is just too far away and it puts alot of people off going, especially people who gave children ! The atmosphere was much better too at the etihad.

  25. Been to Manchester and Newcastle. Newcastle is the best for the fans as everything is easy to get to. As others say please make a decision quickly as we have flights to book and the sooner the cheaper

  26. I think they should change the venue for 2018, Newcastle has gained from all the revenue that the Magic weekend creates, why not give another city a chance. I think Liverpool would be a good choice, a previous City of Culture with lots on offer besides the Rugby. Possibly a venue change might even attract new support for the game.

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