Traynor hails Long influence

St Helens are currently under the charge of three man coaching team Derek Traynor, Jamahl Lolesi and former scrum-half Sean Long.

Long was a gifted player in his time and a St Helens favourite during a 265 game spell. It is now his off-field influence on Saints is starting to take shape according to Traynor.

“Sean is introducing quite a few things and it’s not going to all sink in at once,” he said.

“Perhaps they are putting things on too quick before we’ve earned the right to, but you can see there is a willingness there to move the ball and play a little bit of football. Hopefully we can get a good week training and we can get a bit more into them.

“I think you can see, we are looking to move the ball wider, earlier and move defences about rather than keep going down the middle.

“There is a lot of things that he’s touched on but he has a lot to do yet. He keeps introducing things as we go along.”


  1. I am amazed it has taken Saints so long to play this type of rugby,and am amazed that Kieron didn’t do it when he was in charge.At the end of the day,this the way Longy and Kieron played with much success,and that is why they were called the”the entertainers” back in the day.Long may it continue,this is what fans want to see,not boring down the middle stuff every match.

  2. Let’s not get carried away but they only played Leigh and they are really struggling at the minute if you think that saints have turned a corner see how they go against castleford in cup

    • I did not say Saints had turned the corner,but I do think if they can continue playing oped expansive rugby like they used to ,they will be in with a chance

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