Toulouse to use Scorpions to prepare for Leigh


Toulouse centre Bastien Ader has revealed that the French outfit wants to use this weekend’s testing League 1 clash with South Wales Scorpions to help sharpen them up for the following week’s game with Leigh.

Olympique face the Centurions at the Stade Ernest Argeles next Satruday in the fifth round of the Challenge Cup, but Ader knows that the Scorpions will provide a tough test in Wales.

“We approach it with the greatest of seriousness, of course, because we really worked hard during those two weeks off to be at the top level against South Wales,” said Ader.

“We will do everything to win big and as easily as possible. Our aim is to win with finess.

“This match is also an opportunity for us to prepare for the match against Leigh since we know that we have in front of us a big team, which plays the game with rhythm.

“I therefore think that this match against South Wales is a preparation match that allows us to get back into action before the game on April 16.

“This will allow us to consolidate our bases. Also, I think that South Wales is a good team that will not be easy to win especially as the game is played at home [for them].

“We know that two weeks ago, the team won its away match and like us, the last weekend they didn’t play.

“So they had the opportunity to prepare well for hosting us. What is certain is that we will take them seriously with the aim of winning the game.”

When it comes to facing Leigh in the Challenge Cup next week, Ader is well aware of the quality that is present within the Centurions’ ranks.

“We’ve thought about it, we know they have a very good team that is almost at the level of Super League,” he said.

“Many players have played more NRL or Super League games.

“This match will be a good test for us and a very beautiful match to play and also to see to the fans.

“Also, there are big experienced players, some of whom are international players, playing in the English league such as Ffuifui Moimoi.

“On a personal level it’s great to play against players who have more than 200 games of NRL or even Super League behind them.

“It’s a chance to measure ourselves against players of that reputation.

“Especially as Leigh are playing at a level above ours in the Championship, which is our goal.

“So we have the opportunity to see if we are ready for the climb, although there is still work to be done to qualify.

“It’s important because it is a play-off game – if we lose, our Challenge Cup adventure stops for us. It is extra motivation to win this game.

“The meeting is taking place at home, so I hope there will be lots of fans to encourage us and support us.

“There is no reason to lose this game if we play like we usually do, if we remain serious, focused and don’t make errors.

“For the moment, although we are thinking about Leigh, we have the goal of South Wales in front of us, but as soon as it is passed we will be fully focused on preparing to face Leigh, going 100 per cent to play well and win.”