Toronto meet deadline for application to re-join Super League

Toronto Wolfpack have taken the first tentative steps towards a possible return to Super League.

The Canadian club withdrew from the competition in July amid crippling financial issues caused by the coronavirus pandemic but have found a prospective new owner to take over from David Argyle and he has laid out his plan to revive the club.

Super League cancelled Toronto’s participation agreement following their sudden withdrawal and imposed a deadline for them to submit an application to re-join the competition in 2021.

The Canadian businessman, who wishes to remain anonymous at present but was one of the original investors in the Wolfpack, met the deadline on Tuesday when he held informal talks with Super League executive chairman Robert Elstone and Rugby Football League chief executive Ralph Rimmer.

The business plan will eventually go before the Super League board and the PA news agency understands the club will be given every chance to demonstrate their argument for re-registration.

Toronto chief executive Bob Hunter, who was also at the online meeting, is hoping the club can present their case to the rest of the Super League owners and is not expecting a decision for several weeks.

Rimmer says he believes Toronto have proven themselves and the clubs appear to be coming around to the idea of re-admitting the club for 2021, which would enable the competition to return to the desired 12-team format.

The Wolfpack have not paid their players and staff for over three months but say the new owner has pledged to honour those missed payments.

The club’s two marquee players, Sonny Bill Williams and Ricky Leutele, have both secured short-term contracts with NRL clubs but remain contracted to Toronto for 2021 and coach Brian McDermott remains committed to the cause.

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  1. Come to the conclusion that this game is run by Richard heads the lot of them , you don’t care about the game or the history of the sport or the history of the clubs . Money money money . If you let Toronto back into the game without any punishment handed out to Widnes or Bradford and other clubs in the same predicament that’s double standards to me . Stinks of out and out corruption to me .

  2. Looking forward to the onward and upward progression of the game.
    Sorry but Fev V Batley, for example, dosn’t cut it on the global media scale and thats where sport is going.

    • than you do both clubs you mentioned no justice at all , seeing as they have never walked out on any competition when the going got tough and have been going for over a hundred years . Let’s see Toronto around for a hundred years and I’ll listen to you . They said they the financial clot to join super league . As far as I see they robbed featherstone from a superleague . Yes the flat cappers might of come straight back down to the championship, but they would have had the balls to stick it to the end . That’s pride that is something Toronto are very short of and can never buy .

  3. I totally agree with ALEX. Its all MONEY MONEY MONEY. Why don’t they EVER think of the grass root clubs,the div 1 and championship teams that struggle year in year out rather than a team from across the world?
    It should change its name from superleague to ANYTEAM WITH MONEY can join league

    Total disrespect from the RLFC

  4. Sorry im with alex on this one rfl bend over backwards for toronto their downfall is their own doing and then to not pay wages pull out of super league and then want reinstating im sorry but it just isnt right and every rugby league fan in the world knew it wasnt going to work so good ridence over rated over paid over staffed and not run properly why should they get another chance what they should get is NO CHANCE rfl grow some gonads and send them packing

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