Toronto captain Josh McCrone speaks out after Wolfpack withdrawal

James Gordon

Toronto captain Josh McCrone has criticised the lack of support the Wolfpack after they pulled out of the remainder of the 2020 Super League season.

McCrone was reported to be one of the players that had already flown back to Australia, due to visa issues.

Reports in Canada suggested that the issues with the visas – that the players had out-stayed their six month sporting visa due to the pandemic – had been resolved thanks to the RFL, but not before some players had returned home and too late to prevent Wolfpack owner David Argyle from withdrawing the side from competition.

Writing on Twitter, McCrone said: “NRL bending over backwards to keep the integrity of the competition by relocating clubs and families, all the while we are left by RFL/Super League to fend for ourselves during a pandemic, in which limited clubs could survive in our circumstances.

“No home games, no visas, minimal support but expected to carry on as normal.

“NRL salaries higher, broadcast deal larger, greater central funding for clubs.

“The extra revenue the NRL has generated from expanding obviously isn’t what the English game wants.

“Hopefully they prove me wrong in 2021.

“If you don’t believe that the appetite for rugby league is in Toronto, ask anyone who has witnessed the ‘Den’ in person.”

Former Canberra and St George-Illawarra half-back McCrone joined the Wolfpack ahead of the 2018 season and has made 63 appearances.