Throwback: Rugby League’s Fastest Man races

Drew Darbyshire

Jamaica star Omari Caro was named Rugby League’s Fastest Man in 2012, with a time of 10.28 seconds over the length of the Headingley pitch.

Rugby League’s Fastest Man was a concept that was used to determine the quickest player in the game in the UK.

In 2012, 18 of the UK’s fastest players raced the 96-metre length of the Headingley pitch in Leeds, with the winner being London Broncos’ Caro.

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Leeds player Jamel Chisholm won the race on two occasions, with Salford winger Jodie Broughton also winning it in 2011. The Rugby League’s Fastest Man race has not taken place since 2012.

When asked if he would like to see the concept brought back, Caro said: “Absolutely! It would be brilliant to see who is the quickest.

“There are some blokes in Super League who can move so it would be interesting to see who is the fastest.

“I’ve still got the title for that. Although it was years ago, I’ve never been beaten, so technically I’m still the fastest!”

Rugby League’s Fastest Man 2012:


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