The RL diet: The five vitamins that are important to a rugby player

Drew Darbyshire

The rugby league diet is our new feature where we give you an insight in to the eating habits of your favourite professional players, in partnership with Heaven ‘N’ Health.

Heaven ‘N’ Health co-owner and nutrition expert Josh Adamson is our latest guest…

When purchasing supplements ensure each of them have the ‘tested for athletes’ logo on the packaging.


“Multi-vitamins are essential for anyone really, but a rugby player’s body probably needs them more so. They can be bought in capsule form and they contribute to the normal function of the immune system during and after intense exercise. They assist a healthy nervous system as well.”

Vitamin B12

“Vitamin B12 is a must for rugby players. It promotes the health of the circulatory and nervous systems and contributes energy to the body. It can also help prevent a type of anemia that makes people feel tired and weak.”

Vitamin C (5g a day)

“Vitamin C is one of the most important in a healthy, balanced lifestyle. It is necessary for growth and it contributes to the repair of all body tissues. It helps wound healing and the general maintenance of cartilage, bones and teeth. Basically, it’s just a very good antioxidant.”

Omega-3s (4 a day)

“Fish oils contribute to normal brain and eye development. If you don’t eat much fish then fish oil supplements are a great alternative. Humans are incapable of synthesising Omega-3, so we need to consume then through dietary sources. The good fats in fish oils help to stimulate muscle protein growth and improve muscle mass, which is ultimately what a rugby player wants to do.”

Aloe vera juice

“Aloe vera is a rich source of antioxidants and vitamins that help protect your skin. It is also the perfect way to prevent or treat dehydration. Aloe vera juice is also full of good nutrients like vitamins B, C, E and folic acid. Another positive about aloe vera juice is that it helps your digestion run smoothly.”