The list of Monday night rugby league Championship fixtures live on TV

Championship ball for Monday night rugby league

The first 12 televised Championship games in 2022 have been revealed.

Regular league-wide live coverage of the Championship returns to TV screens for the first time since 2013 thanks to Premier Sports.

FIXTURES: Monday night rugby league to kick-off in York

Games will be shown live on Monday nights (7.45pm) and all games up until the end of May have now been confirmed.

The Cumbrian derby between Whitehaven and Workington Town is the only exception, with their clash being televised live on Easter Sunday.

It starts with York hosting Featherstone on January 31, while Featherstone are also on the following week when they host Leigh.

Widnes and Leigh are the most selected sides in the first 11 fixtures.

The Vikings will appear four times; once at home to Barrow and away at Dewsbury, Newcastle and Sheffield; while Leigh play Bradford, Halifax and Batley after their initial showing at Featherstone.

Premier Sports and the RFL have already confirmed a special discount of almost 40% on an annual subscription for season ticket holders of all Betfred Championship and League 1 clubs.

Sky Sports have held the rights to the Championship since 2014, but only when Toronto paid to broadcast their games in 2019 has there been any regular season coverage outside of the Summer Bash.

More than 472,000 watched the five play-off games live on Sky Sports in 2021.

The Grand Final between Toulouse and Featherstone was watched by an average audience of 165,000; a 15% increase on Toronto’s win over Featherstone in 2019.

First 12 live televised games are:

Monday January 31 – York v Featherstone

Monday February 7 – Featherstone v Leigh

Monday February 14 – Leigh v Bradford

Monday February 21 – Dewsbury v Widnes

Monday March 7 – Widnes v Barrow

Monday March 21 – Halifax v Leigh

Monday April 4 – Newcastle v Widnes

Sunday April 17 – Whitehaven v Workington Town

Monday April 25 – Bradford v Featherstone

Monday May 2 – Barrow v York

Monday May 16 – Batley v Leigh

Monday May 23 – Sheffield v Widnes

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  1. Why not try to push for Super League supporters to watch too? It seems odd to give such a big discount to only Championship and League 1 season ticket holders.
    Just because their teams are in Super League doesn’t mean the supporters are flush with cash, and their season tickets probably cost more, too, due to the increased cost of running a Super League club. Just seems odd. I’m sure lots of Super League fans (aka Rugby fans) would be interested but find it hard to pay for/justify a Premier subscription on top of regular TV/Sky.

    Also, Sky sitting on the licence for so long except for when Toronto PAID THEM is a joke and more needs to be made of it. I don’t see why local councils etc weren’t getting involved to pressure Sky, considering how vital these clubs can be in the local communities.

  2. Just can’t understand Why No LONDON BRONCOS game, start of a new era in a completely modern new ground in Wimbledon, what an advertisement for The Championship! and also to raise awareness in the South!

    Once again The RFL fail! we need to know why this opportunity was missed?

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