The four best and funniest Super League moments you missed from the opening round

Aaron Bower

The opening round of the new Super League season was a busy one: on and off the field. There were plenty of cards, plenty of talking points and also, a fair few interesting moments you may have missed in and amongst the chaos.

From Sky’s newest signing showing off his fashion prowess to one Super League player being compared to Mario Balotelli by his own head coach – and everything in between – Love Rugby League has picked out the off-beat moments you might have missed from Super League’s first weekend of 2024.

Sky’s newest pundit getting the badge in

Sky Sports’ coverage of the new Super League season drew praise aplenty over the weekend – and rightly so. The broadcaster made a strong start to 2024 with a new look, new feel and new punditry line-up all catching the eye.

But one thing caught our eye in particular: some standout fashion from Sam Tomkins, who managed to pull off the always-popular effort of ‘getting the badge in’ with his brand of coat that, well, we’re simply not allowed to mention. Still, it wasn’t just noticed by us:

Sky’s punditry going all modern with their fashion choices is a thumbs up from us.

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St Helens fans: chant champions once again

If there is one set of supporters who always manage to deliver a creative chant for their players, it’s St Helens. Their Lachlan Coote effort from a few years ago remains one of the best – albeit pinched from Everton’s chant for Richarlison – and they’ve done it again with new signing Matt Whitley.

To the tune of (we think) Boney M classic Holiday, take it away, Saints fans:

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Elliot Minchella’s wave farewell

The season started with a bang on Thursday with the Hull derby: and Hull Kingston Rovers captain Elliot Minchella was front and centre of the action.

It was Minchella who was struck by Franklin Pele in the moment of madness that led to Pele being sent off less than 40 minutes into his Super League debut. And one photographer wasted no time in getting in on the action, catching Minchella waving to Pele as he left the field. Rovers wasted no time in exploiting the opportunity to get a dig in at their rivals, too:

The kind of pettiness we can all get behind.

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Liam Watts: why always me?

One of the biggest talking points surrounding the whole weekend was Liam Watts’ controversial red card during Castleford’s defeat to Wigan Warriors on Saturday evening. But if nothing else, it prompted an early entry into the Quote of the Year nominations from Tigers coach Craig Lingard when asked about Watts:

“I don’t want to say he’s being victimised or anything like that but it just seems like every time something happens it’s Liam Watts,” he said. “He needs that Mario Balotelli T-shirt: Why always me?”

The prospect of Watts scoring his first try of the season – when he returns from suspension – and lifting his Castleford shirt up to reveal a Balotelli-esque tribute is something we can all categorically get behind.

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