Super League will have 12 teams in 2021

The Super League board has voted in favour of having a 12th team in the competition in 2021.

The board also voted in favour of a 27-round regular season, including a Magic Weekend.

A mini-licensing system will determine the 12th team, and the decision will be made by a committee headed by an independent chairman.

Championship clubs Toulouse and York have already launched bids to enter the top flight for 2021, while Leigh, Featherstone and London Broncos are also understood to fancy a crack.

Super League executive chairman Robert Elstone said: “Our clubs unanimously voted for a 12-team Super League in 2021. The process of choosing that twelfth team will start as soon as possible.

“We are committed to ensuring that the process is independent and impartial, and stands up to scrutiny, and accordingly, ensuring the committee is properly constituted and clearly mandated is our first priority.”

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  1. What’s a mini-licensing system? Can you please clarify.

    Meantime, IMHO, there is only one choice. A team that has a hugely committed funder and chairman, a great coach, team & coaching staff. A team that has, for many years, had an excellent academy, with ex academy players spread throughout the game. A team that has, and can continue to spread the game further, especially into the south. A team which other Super League team supporters have loved to visit and a team that just lost out for this season.

    The list goes on, but it’s obvious to me, and hopefully most others, London Broncos!

  2. See that Salford are “skint” again. Yeh way to go with Toronto. Where is the same due diligence with ALL the SLclubs for the next 3 years?
    The game is rotten to the core now.
    What about Ottawa, what is they achieve SL promotion, assuming SL GREED hasn’t killed the game by then. Will SL screw them as well?
    Probably is the answer.
    Too many parochial narrow minded people in the game and Elstone brings absolutely NOTHING to the table.
    Wait until the next broadcast deal is announced. It’s not as if broadcasters are knocking down the door. Whoever gets it will get the game for a song.

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