Stone: Let’s get physical

Huddersfield coach Rick Stone says his team have been “too nice” in recent games and wants the Giants to be more physical in the way they play.

Huddersfield smashed Featherstone yesterday, Stone’s first win as coach after four games in charge.

The Australian said he wants his side to get tougher.

“We need to play better, not just during the next couple of weeks but further down the line,” Stone said.

“We’re working on a slight change of mentality and, overall, I thought our energy, line speed and kick chase looked a lot better.

“I want us to be a bit more physical. I reckon we’ve been too nice in the games I’ve seen, and that’s not good, because there’s an aggressive component in the game which you need to be a successful team.”

Stone said the Giants need to build on the win over Featherstone. They take on Batley next in the Qualifiers.

“Hopefully we can grab some confidence from this win and move on, because the best antidote to where we are at the moment is to win some games,” he said.

“It’s clearly a relief to get this first win out of the way, but the key is to build on it.”

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