Stat Attack: Bill Tupou heading for 400 carries milestone

Lorna Eden

The Super 8’s and the Qualifiers kicked off a couple of weeks ago. Now we are back into the swing of things let’s have an update on the league tables.

Weekly League Table

In the Super 8’s, St. Helens and Wigan remain 1st and 2nd, Castleford move to 3rd and push Warrington back to 4th. Huddersfield remain close on the tails sitting in 5th. No change for Wakefield (6th), Hull FC (7th) and Challenge Cup Winners Catalan (8th)

However if this league was to start from scratch. It would have some serious changes!
Wigan would be top of the league, followed by Huddersfield in 2nd, Warrington 3rd, St. Helens 4th, Castleford 5th, Wakefield 6th, Hull FC and Catalan would still be 7th and 8th.

Now the Qualifiers.
Salford currently sit in 1st, followed by Leeds in 2nd, Toronto in 3rd and Toulouse have the 4th Spot with Hull KR in 5th. Is that the Million Pound game?
London are 6th, Widnes 7th and Halifax 8th.

Player Analysis

The stats are only available for all super 8 games.
Lets look at round 2.

Tom Davies (Wigan) and Bill Tupou (Wakefield) both ran over 170 metres each
Danny Houghton (Hull FC) made a massive 65 tackles.
Liam Watts (Castleford), Dan Sarginson (Wigan) And Jacob Miller (Wakefield) made over 20 carries each.
Morgan Escare (Wigan) had an average gain of 16.2

In Total (Super League and Super 8’s)
Bill Tupou (Wakefield), Tom Davies (Wigan) and Luke Thompson (St. Helens) have all ran over 3000 metres each.
Paul McShane and Daryl Clark have both made over 900 tackles each.
Bill Tupou (Wakefield) has almost made 400 carries
Daryl Clark (Warrington) has an average gain of over 9 metres

Danny Richardson (St. Helens) and Jacob Miller (Wakefield) missed 8 tackles each.
Kenny Edwards (Catalan) and Thomas Makinson (St. Helens) made 4 errors.
Louie McCarthy-Scarsbrook gave away 4 penalties

In Total (Super League and Super 8’s)
Jacob Miller (Wakefield) has missed 92 tackles!
Ben Jones-Bishop (Wakefield) has made 39 errors.
Even though he isn’t in the super 8’s, Chris Houston (Widnes) has given away 23 penalties.

Penalty Analysis

In round 2 of the super 8’s, Castleford, Catalan and St. Helens all gave away 8 penalties. Wigan gave away only 4 penalties.
Liam Moore gave a total of 15 Penalties.