Smith: I won’t risk Sandow

Warrington coach Tony Smith says he won’t risk Chris Sandow in the grand final unless he proves his fitness early this week.

Sandow is battling a knee injury, while prop Ryan Bailey is also a chance of playing at Old Trafford.

“He’s a chance. He’s putting his hand up thats for sure,” Smith told Love Rugby League.

“He tells me that he’s big time player for a big time game, and there’s no game bigger than this in our country. He’s close.

“We’ll run the eye over him in training over the next couple of days. Decisions to be made on him and probably Ryan Bailey also, a couple of experienced players there.

Smith said both players won’t be given until the day of the grand final to prove they can play.

“We need to be, in the next day or so, we need to be ready and practicising that way,” he said.

“They won’t get all week. While they’re both very good playrs and we’d love to have them in our team, they’ve got to be right early this week.

“We’ve got to get a good prep this week and we can’t take too many chances. If they’re putting their hands up and they can prove that their fit enough well, it’d be a hard call to go without them.”

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Delcan Patton has been filling in for Sandow in the halves in the Australian’s absence and Smith is confident Patton will handle Saturday’s occasion if selected.

“He’s done well,” Smith said.

“He’s learning the game and he’s done a solid job for us. He hasn’t been spectacular but he’s done a solid job for us.

“He’s come up with some good plays and his defence has been good, which is big for a young guy.

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