Smith brushes off Westwood row

Warrington boss Tony Smith dismissed suggestions Ben Westwood should have been dismissed for his challenge on Liam Sutcliffe during the early stages of Friday’s game against Leeds.

The Wolves went on to win 25-14 to move off the bottom of the table and although the officials were criticised for failing to send Westwood off, Smith insisted they handled the game well.

“It was late, but there was nothing in it in terms of anything else – it was warranted, the 10 minutes,” said Smith.

“There might be a couple of other things, chicken wings and those sort of things, that crept in there but we will have a look at that later on.

“I’m pleased for the players. We had faith it was coming. There is not much difference between winning and losing. Leeds have played that standard this season and won games. It shows there is not a lot between us.

“It is a tough competition and, if you are off in some areas, it is hard to turn that around in terms of results.

“We know we are going to climb the ladder. We’ve not had the start we wanted, but the way we finished will be the way we want it to be.”


  1. hes lucky they didnt have the ref for hull v salford Sneyd got sin binned for being pushed by a salford player into another salford player

  2. I think it warranted a red card no matter what minutes are on the clock it should of been red mr Westwood gets away with a bit to much if it was wigans number 9 he would of gone

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