Shoulder charge blown out of proportion, says Green

Hull KR‘s James Green believes the NRL have blown the issue of shoulder charging way out of proportion.

It comes after the NRL outlawed the technique before the 2013 season began, however the Rugby Football League opted not to follow suit, keeping it legal in their domestic competition until the Rugby League International Federation concludes its consultation process. The decision was made after consulting with players, clubs and coaches in this country.

“Looking at it statistically, it’s not much of an issue,” said the Prop. “Not many players like to use the shoulder charge, and there is a pretty low success rate when it is used. I wouldn’t say there was much a need to ban it as it’s not much of an issue.”

Green further went onto explain how players have no need to use the technique in the sport.

He said: “They are aimed to slow a team down, they look spectacular but they’re not a fundamental part of the game. It’s a useless technique really. Obviously the shoulder charge can do injury to players but tackles aimed at the legs do more injury. You just need to get used to it. Rugby League is a contact sport; people are bound to get hurt.”

Hull KR host Widnes Vikings this Sunday in the third round of Super League fixtures.

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