Short turnaround was the difference, admits Betts

Widnes coach Denis Betts thinks the Vikings could have edged local rivals Warrington if they had a ‘proper’ turnaround.

The Vikings fell short to the Wolves 18-10 at the Halton Stadium on Friday night.

Warrington had eight days turnaround following their loss at Huddersfield while Widnes had four after their trip to Castleford last Sunday.

And Betts thinks that his team would have had more energy if they had a decent length turnaround.

Speaking after the game, he said: “It was a good derby. It was an old-fashioned bit of biff, bit of bash and bit of feeling.

“I’m really proud of the lads because we were on a four-day turnaround and came up against a side who had eight days to prepare – that’s just the way it works sometimes and we stood up for ourselves and it was a good game.

“There was a massive amount of effort and a massive amount of energy in the game. The fans were singing from both sides and there a bit of tension in it and it was a good old game of Rugby League.

“We probably would have had a bit more energy if we had a proper turnaround. If we had eight days each (to prepare) to see where we are both at then I think we would probably win that battle but nevermind.”

Vikings co-captain Chris Houston collided with referee Phil Bentham on the hour mark, which then resulted in Bentham having to leave the field with an injury.

And Betts thinks there was no maliciousness intended from Houston.

He added: “He has made contact with the referee but Chris is looking up at the ball.

“It is just unfortunate that it was the same spot and same team we were playing against – it happened a couple of years ago with the same referee.

“It was like a bit of de ja vu. Chris is not that kind of player, his eyes aren’t on anything but the bomb which was in the air and it is just an unfortunate clip (on Bentham) but them sort of clips can sometimes be bad but I think Phil is okay – he spoke to our doctor who is looking after him and he seems to be okay.”

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  1. Funny how the number of days count can be manipulated to suit a purpose! If you take the number of complete days without a match between the 2 games Warrington had 7 and Widnes 4 so not quite the 4 extra days which Betts is crying about! (we’ll ignore the extra few hours of the different kick off times to further shorten the gap too).

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