Sheffield bring in new chief executive

Sheffield have appointed Andy Tyers as the club’s new chief executive with immediate effect.

Tyers has a long-standing link with the club, having played in the Eagles’ first-ever match against Rochdale Hornets in 1984.

More recently, Tyers has been on the board of directors at the club and will become the new chief executive in a voluntary part-time capacity.

On being made chief executive, Tyers said: “I am honoured because I have always said I’d do what it takes to help the club.

“Over the years, with having a full-time day job, my time has been limited. But now, and irrespective of job title, I can do a bit more and help in the business areas of governance and compliance which I think we need.

“I think last year, this year and next year were always going to be difficult. There’s a lot of jobs that need doing, there’s a lot of areas where we need to focus and sort out and a lot of meetings to be had. But have a plan, a structure and a way forward.

“I am under no illusion that it’s going to be a tough time on the back of it, I am very comfortable with the people that I have got around me who will help to push the Eagles forward.”

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