Scorpions to roll out Embed the Pathway in Wales


South Wales Scorpions are set to establish the award-winning Embed the Pathway (ETP) programme in schools outside England for the first time.

The introduction of ETP will form a key part of the soon-to-be-launched Scorpions Sporting Foundation.

A statement from the club outlines the aims of the project.

It reads:

“ETP for schools is a FREE open access fully inclusive programme that forms the first steps on the WRL Talent Development pathway. The aim is to grow a greater pool of talent, improve talent and develop club players, Scorpions players and Welsh internationals of the future.”

Paul Emanuelli, Scorpions’ Head of Youth Development as well as the club’s leading points scorer of all time, believes that the programme will help more Welsh talent reach the game’s upper echelons.

“Welsh schools have a proud tradition of not only competing in but winning Champion Schools, the RFL’s flagship schools competition,” he said.

“The opportunity to participate in the ETP programme would further enhance the rugby league playing capability of those schools but it is also designed to assist schools who have perhaps never considered or delivered rugby league in curriculum before.

“Further the programme will complement rugby union delivery in schools and help develop the complete rugby player.

“For many PE teachers, the main hurdle to overcome is sport specific knowledge so ETP has been designed with that in mind.

“It is a Key Stage 3 scheme of work supported by a CPD opportunity and underpinned by playing opportunity and Scorpions-led open access development days where young people can receive expert coaching, profiling and signposting to the next stage of development.”

Idris Evans, Wales Rugby League’s national development manager, is delighted that the Scorpions are taking this step.

“Working with local schools will give the Scorpions an excellent opportunity to pick up young talented players whilst at the same time generating further interest in the Champion Schools programme,” he said.

“We have seen some really good players coming through the Champion Schools competition this year that have fed straight into the WRL ‘Players to Leaders’ programme, allowing for players from both the schools and community game to develop their skills and knowledge of the game.

“The Embed the Pathway programme will only strengthen this and open up new opportunities for participation in schools.”
For further information please visit the Embed the Pathway website: