Have your say: Should more Super League games be taken on the road?

History was made last weekend as the first Super League game was played outside of Europe and we want to know if you think there should be more games taken on the road…

Wigan Warriors spearheaded the project to take a Super League game to Australia, with Hull FC agreeing to play the game and they both made history.

The game was played at the WIN Stadium in Wollongong and attracted a crowd of 12,416, with around 5,000 fans making the trip from the UK, meaning that over 7,000 NRL fans attended the game.

Wigan also took a game against Catalans Dragons on the road in 2015 to Millwall. It was played at The Den and attracted over 8,100 spectators.

We also have the Magic Weekend every year as well. In 2018, it will once again be at Newcastle United’s St James’ Park.

Newcastle is a bit of an unknown area regarding Rugby League due to it being a massive footballing city, but Super League takes six top-flight games there and it gives ‘heartland’ fans an opportunity to spend a weekend in Newcastle as well as attracting some new fans.

And there is the Summer Bash, which is basically a Magic Weekend for the Championship. The Bash takes place at Blackpool FC’s Bloomfield Road.

Furthermore, Wigan star Tony Clubb has told League Express this week that he would be open to doing the New South Wales tour again but also admitted that he is open to the idea of keeping it in England and maybe taking a game up to Cumbria.

Cumbria is an absolutely massive Rugby League heartland. However, unfortunately, the attendances at the likes of Whitehaven, Workington Town and Barrow Raiders have dwindled over the years.

But the amateur game is thriving, with four Cumbrian teams in the hat for the third-round draw of the Ladbrokes Challenge Cup. Perhaps a Rugby League fixture with a big meaning behind it could help reignite the game in Cumbria?

We could even take games to areas like Birmingham and Sheffield, places not too far from the heartlands.

What do you think? Would you like to take more Super League games on the road?


  1. I think repairing Super League in the UK should be the sole aim of the club’s, RFL and supporters. Since becoming a fan of the sport, I’ve noticed that there’s an awful lot of complaining about the current product in the UK and switching games to venues as far away as Australia is an exercise in papering over the cracks. The Rugby League fans in Australia already know about Super League and most likely watch it. I dare say the Wigan v Hull game would have been much better attended in the UK too, meaning the whole plan was pointless. I’m more for growing the game in cities much closer to the heartlands than anything else.

  2. Totally agree Thomas – it’s no good giving the game abroad all the hype whilst the game in this Country is suffering badly at all levels. Let’s get the game in this Country back to the enjoyable game it used to be and involve more youngsters to continue the progress of Rugby League. The money could be better spent.

    • 100%. The potential in cities like Sheffield, Newcastle, Liverpool and even a small city like Carlisle, is there to build something as a great all action alternative to soccer. I can’t get my head around letting French and North American teams into the system. It failed at the beginning (PSG) and both Toulouse and Catalans add nothing more than an annual knees up. There’s too many local institutions in the heartlands suffering. Soon two foreign clubs will be taking up space in the top flight, leaving two local clubs with fine traditions suffering a lack of exposure and a loss in earnings as a result. My question is, who is gaining out of all of this?

  3. I,m glad I’m not the only one who thinks like this. One governing body, top to bottom, east to west and north to south will make it possible for the game to progress instead of pulling itself apart. France and North America will only work if the existing teams are used to build a whole national league (and national team) to challenge the top English and Aussie teams. Be careful Thomas when you talk of expanding super league throughout the UK and then the possible demise of ‘local’ clubs and institutions. However the expansion, it could mean loosing these clubs.

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