Sandercock calls for video ref at all games

James Gordon

Hull KR coach Craig Sandercock believes the video referee should be present at all Super League games.

Sandercock was angry at the decision to award Damien Blanch‘s try in Rovers’ 20-12 defeat against Catalan at the weekend.

Blanch appeared to knock-on before touching the ball down, but the try was awarded to bring the Dragons back to within two points of Hull KR at 12-10.

They then went on to win the game, to leave Sandercock frustrated.

He told the club’s official website: “I have a group of players and staff that are absolutely devastated. It’s not their fault. The players and a lot of staff put a lot of effort into winning against all odds.

“I saw from the grandstand that it was a blatant knock-on. I can’t believe it was missed.

“I got a feed of it and saw it on video and it’s just heartbreaking. To get a blatant decision like that wrong is shattering. Again, to reiterate, I can’t believe we don’t have video referees.”

The video referee is currently only present at games televised live by SKY Sports.

In the Championship, the weekly televised game on Thursday night employs the video referee, although no big screen is utilised, which could be a way of introducing the video referee at all Super League matches at a lower cost.

Reports suggest that it would cost £600,000 per season to implement the video referee at all seven Super League games each week.