Salford players reach pay agreement ahead of return to training

James Gordon

Salford have confirmed that their players have agreed to a revised pay structure and will return to training on Monday.

The measures have been implemented across all parts of the club, which they say will help safeguard the club’s future.

Captain Lee Mossop said: “I’m really proud with how the players and staff have stuck together throughout this process. As a group we have ripped in to voluntary individual training all the way through, despite not having a finish line in sight.

“The main focus of everyone here, was to ensure we have a club at the end of this and I think the hard work of Paul King and the staff, plus us players accepting the cuts will ensure this.

“We now need to focus on this season and ensure it is a success on the back of this.”

All Red Devils players and coaching staff underwent their first day of testing on Wednesday, and will now return to turning at the AJ Bell Stadium next week ahead of the Super League re-start next month.

Director Paul King added: “This has been an important step in our efforts to protect the Club, during this current time of uncertainty.

“I’m proud of all the staff who have united behind our cause, in a selfless act which will allow us to continue serving our supporters, sponsors and wider community.

“A special thanks has to go to Lee Mossop and Tyrone McCarthy in particular, who have shown the same leadership they do out on the field, representing the best interests of their teammates and the club as a whole.