Salary cap changes “worrying” and cause “bigger divide”

Hull KR chairman Neil Hudgell has had his say on the salary cap changes that were voted through by Super League clubs today.

Within the proposals, the cap will increase to £2.1m by 2020, while clubs are now able to sign two marquee players – as well as sign returning or new players to the sport without affecting their cap total.

Hudgell has always offered frank views on the sport’s issues, though this time was restricted to being an interested onlooker following the Robins’ dramatic relegation from the top flight last season.

Writing on Twitter, Hudgell said: “Mixed views. Players play a brutal sport and deserve what they can get.

“Clubs that can genuinely afford, should be able to spend.

“I worry it will lead to an even bigger divide in the game.

“Sky money should be better allocated to support the elite league of all clubs being sustainable.

“Stable foundations underpin growth. The key is more central revenue.

“Domestically, support is falling so the timing is odd.

“I don’t think the increases will allow us to compete with the threat of NRL or rugby union. There’s still a huge gulf.

“And I think clubs should be able to demonstrate genuine affordability, e.g. a club pushing back paying CVA liabilities shouldn’t be able to over spend.

“Too much risk of a maverick owner spending beyond means, getting fed up and leaving a car crash behind. And it will happen.

“Pandering to pundits push too. Their job is about building hype and then pointing an accusing finger when it goes wrong.

“A worrying day. But only my view.”


  1. About time too.
    Tired of seeing NRL and yawnion taking some of our best players.
    Does KR have its own academy organisation to bring forward its own talent​ and hence save some hard cash in the future?
    It should be in the rules that all clubs in SL should have a competing academy squad.

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