Ryles ready to silence fans

Sydney prop Jason Ryles says he hopes the Roosters can silence the large crowd expected for their preliminary final against Gold Coast.

Around 40,000 fans are expected to turn out for the clash at Suncorp Stadium tommorrow night but Ryles says the Roosters are ready.

“The mentality we have to have is a bit of a siege mentality,” he told the NRL.

“The quieter we can keep that crowd, the better we are going in the game.”

There has been split opinions on whether the week off the Titans and Dragons have had is an advantage.

The Roosters say it doesn’t matter as they were never going to get one anyway.

“We knew we were pretty much no chance of getting a break, so it was never in our thought process,” said Ryles.

“We feel pretty good and fresh and ready to go.”

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