Rimmer: We need to now draw a line under it

James Gordon

RFL chief executive Ralph Rimmer says that the sport needs to draw a line under the last period and focus on the future.

The controversial Super 8s format has now been ditched, but rugby league has been plagued with infighting over the past 12 months as clubs and chairmen have fought for power.

It has all been eventually settled, with Super League’s proposals voted via a ballot this morning, and then a change to the Championship and League 1 set-ups passed in the afternoon following a meeting of those clubs and Rimmer.

Rimmer said: “As we have seen this season, the Betfred Championship and League 1 are strong, vibrant and highly entertaining competitions.

“We want to see both competitions continue to appeal to Rugby League fans and attract new ones. We have secured guaranteed promotion and relegation to Super League. It is vital that aspiring clubs, players, owners and fans can see their path to the top.

“We want to ramp up how we build value in Championship and League 1.

“This means more marketing and promotion including major focus games; streaming more games as part of a wider digital strategy – already underway with the streaming of Betfred League 1 games exclusively to Our League members; and working with broadcasters to bring these competitions to a wider audience.

“It also means focusing the investment where it delivers the greatest return for the sport.

“We need to now draw a line under the last period and focus on this together as we head to a home World Cup in 2021 and all the opportunity this brings to our clubs and communities.”