RFL’s Barwick backs ARL commision chairman Grant


RFL chairman Brian Barwick has offered firm backing to beleaguered ARL commission chairman John Grant.

Grant is currently engaged in a fierce dispute with NRL clubs who are unhappy with the way the game is being run Down Under.

“Whilst it is clearly a matter for the sport in Australia it would be disappointing if the governance model at the top of our leading international partner was disturbed,” said Barwick.

“I think it would be fair to say that relations between the RFL and our major international partner have never been stronger and mutually beneficial than they are.

“This is in no small part due to John Grant’s leadership and vision. It is clear that his independence, and that of his fellow commissioners, are pivotal factors in establishing this harmonious relationship.

“The RFL Board is also wholly independent with a model on very similar lines to the ARLC. This is something we cherish and value immensely.

“The increased scrutiny that sporting governing bodies face on matters of governance, integrity and independence are more prevalent than ever before and it would be a setback if that model changed too significantly.”