RFL reveal revised Super League split option

Clubs will sit down once again at the start of July to discuss a revised version of the split Super League re-structuring option.

Following feedback from stakeholders, the revision to the option would see the split moving back to later on in the season. The season would start with a Super League of 12 teams, who would play each other home and away, with a Magic Weekend fixture making a total of 23 games.

The top eight teams would then break off in to their own group, with the top four of that group then progressing to the play-offs and the route to the Grand Final.

Meanwhile, the bottom four Super League teams from the original 12, would line-up against the top four of the second division, playing a total of seven games (one against each team), to decide which four would compete in Super League the following year.

RFL Chief Executive Nigel Wood said: “I am encouraged and excited by the way in which the clubs are taking this opportunity to engage in positive and proper debate as we look to restructure the professional game from the 2015 season.

“The Super League clubs engaged in a full and open debate at Monday’s meeting when there was an acceptance that change of some kind needs to occur.  There was also a widespread recognition that sustaining 14 clubs is proving challenging in the current economic climate.

“The RFL’s Policy Review is intended is to provide an independent evaluation of the various alternatives that are available to the professional game so that the competitive structure from 2015 is as commercially compelling as possible.  

“For that to happen there needs to be some degree of jeopardy and an acknowledgement that on-field performance is the key determinant of which league a team plays in.

“I am confident the sport as a whole, through proper debate, will deliver a very exciting future for Rugby League. I now expect the debate to continue to develop further at the forthcoming RL Council meeting, where it will involve all sections of the game.”

Clubs are due to receive a full presentation from the Executive on July 3.

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