RFL confirms promotion and relegation stance for 2022

Super League ball

The RFL has confirmed promotion and relegation will be unchanged in 2022 as it continues to work with Super League to provide a new governance model for the sport.

A proposal to divide Super League into two divisions of 10 was thrown out earlier in the year so the structure of the three-tier professional game will remain the same; with one up, one down promotion and relegation between Super League and the Championship. It will be two up, two down between the Championship and League 1.

The update came from Wednesday’s meeting of the Rugby League Council. Talks were continuing between the two governing bodies over a realignment following the breakaway by Super League clubs.

RFL chair on realignment

RFL chair Simon Johnson said an agreement could happen by the end of the year. He said: “The discussions are progressing constructively.

“It is reflective of a mood of genuine co-operation within the game that such progress has been made over the last two months. We continue to talk to try and reach the finishing line.

“The regular December Council meeting presented the opportunity to update clubs on that progress; also to provide clarity for all about what will be at stake in the 2022 season in terms of promotion and relegation.

“After the unprecedented challenges of the last two seasons, there is every reason to be upbeat about what lies ahead from 2022.”

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Clare Balding’s term of office as RFL president now extends to the end of 2022. This was partly to reflect the unique circumstances of the last two years and the delay to the World Cup.

The author and television broadcaster will form the first all-female leadership team. Sue Taylor, the British Amateur Rugby League Association (BARLA) representative on the Council, will become RFL vice-president from July.

The Council also approved the induction to the RFL Roll of Honour of former touch judge Tony Martin. He has retired after three decades of service as a match official.

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