RFL launch community game survey

The RFL has launched an online survey to give everyone in the community game the opportunity to have their say on a proposed summer based pyramid structure for the sport.

All players, match officials, coaches and volunteers involved in Men’s, Women’s and Youth and Junior Rugby League are invited to take part in the consultation which is being administrated by independent research company Vision Twentyone.

David Gent, RFL Director of Participation and Strategic Partnerships said: “We want to receive feedback from as many people as possible in the community game on the proposed new structure.

“This is of huge significance to the sport and I’m sure that everyone involved in Rugby League will have their own opinions and ideas on the proposals.”

There are specific questions for players, match officials, coaches and volunteers involved in the Men’s, Women’s, Girls and Boys sections of grassroots Rugby League.

Anyone aged 11 and over can fill in the survey but those under 16 who wish to take part in the consultation need to register parental consent with Vision Twentyone in a process which is explained in the appropriate section of the online survey.

The proposed Men’s framework would see two tiers of the community game in the form of Conference Leagues and Regional/Local Leagues provide the foundations for the Championships and Super League.

Under the proposals the third tier of the structure below Super League and the Championships, the Conference Leagues, would be split geographically into North and South regions into which nine regional leagues would feed.

This Conference level would consist of entirely summer based competitions.

Varying levels of movement between the individual tiers, be it through licensing or promotion and relegation, will be encouraged.

In addition, the fourth tier, the regional and local leagues, will be predominantly summer based but will also include winter competitions that will continue to be administered through the present arrangements.

All clubs will be assessed across a range of criteria to ensure they meet minimum standards which relate to the tier in which they operate.

The Community Board unanimously agreed to support proposals for a four-tiered structure at a meeting on September 14 which was chaired by RFL Chief Executive Nigel Wood.

The proposed new season structure has been presented to community club and league officials at a series of meetings over the last few months and would be implemented no earlier than March 2012.

The new framework which embraces both the professional and community levels of the game is designed to achieve higher attendances and viewers as well as more participants and income for the whole sport.

Throughout the online survey there are slides and diagrams explaining how the structure would work for each section of the sport.

Please click the link below to participate in the consultation on the new season structure.

Click here to complete the RFL Four Seasons Consultation Survey

For more information visit http://rfllive.dyndns.org/community_board/the_big_debate

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