Shaun Lunt: Relegation is taking the enjoyment out of rugby

Hull KR captain Shaun Lunt says that the threat of relegation is taking the enjoyment out of the game.

Speaking ahead of the State of Mind round, and prior to the revelation that the Super 8s might be scrapped (maybe), Lunt referenced his own experiences of going down with the Robins.

He said: “100% I can’t stress how relegation is taking the enjoyment out of rugby now.

“When you have a family, I’ve seen first hand how people lose jobs and I’ve been fortunate to have kept mine, but some people lose theirs and it’s awful it really i.s

“I think it’s no good. It’s not just playing rugby, which is tough as it is, but relegation and promotion.

“It’s a good spectacle for the sport but it means you’ve got to play injured or have injections because you’re worried about getting relegated.

“For me, I’ve played with injections and painkillers and if I didn’t, it’s my job on the line.

“They are trying to cut down on injections, painkillers and stuff like that but I reckon it’s (relegation) made people take on more because they’re worried about being injured.

“Now we play through injuries. If you don’t play, and you lose, then you could be down in the bottom four and relegated and potentially losing your job.”

This weekend sees State of Mind take over Super League for its annual themed round of fixtures, to raise awareness of mental fitness.

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  1. sorry but every professional team sport i know has promotion & relegation, it’s quite simple if you are not good enough you go down, all the rubbish about being out of job comes from SL contracts are void if you get relegated but if the club you play for thinks you are good enough you will get a championship contract
    also the team who win promotion deserve the chance on merit to eat at the top table as it should be

  2. I think its a good point, and SL clubs are a business, you cant run a business knowing you may be demoted next month. NRL run it well, are strong, and lets face it, better than us, follow the example.

  3. Stop moaning relegation is part of the British sport what is the point of playing in the championship if you can’t get promoted. Rugby league was the laughing stock of sport when promotion and relegation was scrapped

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