Red Star Belgrade apply for 2020 Challenge Cup

James Gordon

Red Star Belgrade have revealed that they want to participate in the Challenge Cup again in 2020.

The Serbian side entered for the first time in 2019, losing 38-10 to Millom, and they were unsure whether to follow that up by entering for a second year.

Owner Colin Kleyweg said: “Coach Phil Economidis has returned to Belgrade to continue his work with Red Star Belgrade Rugby League Club.

“Phil was an interim coach in 2018 for a three-month period but he left such an impression on his players, with Serbia making a similar impression on him that it was inevitable he would return when the time was right for both.

“When we told the players that Phil would return, the instant reaction of the whole playing group was boisterous, loud and positive.

“Our players formed a deep loyalty with Phil in a very short period of time and I look forward to seeing the impact Phil can have over a longer time period on the players and the club.”