Powell wants Tigers to learn from defeat

Zack Wilson

Castleford Tigers coach Daryl Powell was disappointed with his team’s display in defeat, after they lost 13-12 at Salford at the weekend.

Although the loss was only narrow, Powell felt that it showed how much his team still has to learn if they are serious about being successful this season.

“We were poor, really, we never really got our game together,” Powell told reporters after the match.

“I thought they [Salford] thoroughly deserved their win.

“I thought it was a slow game, a really slow game.

“We couldn’t get any tempo at all, and they packed up really tight, and conditions dictated a bit.

“But we deserved to get beat today. There’s quite a few lessons to learn for us.

“People were asking me a week ago about going all season undefeated – that’s put that to bed pretty quickly.

“We just need to move on. Some of the boys have got some wising up to do pretty quickly.”

Powell felt that learning how to win in such difficult weather in tight games is an important skill which his team must master.

“It was a tight game, a bit of an arm-wrestle type situation,” he added.

“They just edged it. We’re just going to have to learn.

“It’s out first real tight assignment, and we’ve come up short, so we’ve got to improve in a few areas.”