Players welcome Crusaders legal action

James Gordon

Players owed money following the demise of Crusaders have been boosted by the news that legal action is being taken against the old club’s owners.

The Rugby League Players Association is behind the action to recover what they state are “the outstanding and unlawful deductions from players which were intended for pension policies.”

Crusaders’ ill-fated three year spell in Super League came to an end in sensational circumstances, when they pulled out of the licensing process on decision day in July.

They played out their remaining games, before going out of business in the autumn, leaving a host of players without pay.

Former Crusaders full-back Tony Duggan, now playing in Lezignan, welcomed the news. He said: “The players are happy that finally the people responsible will have to answer the questions we have been asking for three long years.

“The ex-owners have hidden and lied for too long, and it is about time that they will be held accountable for their actions.”

The legal action is likely to prove an expensive exercise for the GMB Union, but spokesman and general manager Geoff Burrow says it will not cost their members a penny.

He said: “It’s a good job that the players are members of the RLPA because I doubt any other association would contemplate representing them.

“We are campaigning for better terms and conditions for all players in all divisions of rugby league.”

Since the demise of the Super League franchise, a new club has risen from the ashes, North Wales Crusaders, currently playing out of the Racecourse Ground at Wrexham in Championship 1.