Players have their say on amateur switch


The RFL are to survey more than 1,100 amateur rugby league players to decide when the community game season should be played.

It has been suggested that the winter season should move to summer, in line with the professional game and the thriving summer conference competitions.

An independent research company has been appointed to gather the views, and they will be conducting a telephone survey among players over the age of 16 who play at amateur level.

The different options which are under discussion are for youth, junior and open age teams to play from March–November; to keep the season structure as it is at present; and to introduce a split season which would involve playing between September and June with a break for the winter months of December, January and February.

The RFL will be writing to individual leagues, community game clubs and all coaches to give them the opportunity to formally respond to the process and also to encourage them to engage their players in this.

The RFL will also be consulting with other parties such as Sport England and local authorities as part of this formal consultation process which will end with a recommendation that will go forward to the clubs and leagues with the decision ultimately resting with these groups.

The Community Board made the recommendation to enter a formal consultation period following a series of meetings with key organisations and leagues across the community game to gauge opinions on what would be the best time of the year to play Rugby League.

This process was initiated in response to concerns and requests from players and officials involved in the community game over the last season.