Petition for Rugby League to be an accredited sport

Drew Darbyshire

Fans of Rugby League have made a petition to gain accreditation from Sport Accord that has been denied in the past.

Sport Accord is the global governing body for all sports and is based in Switzerland.

But Sport Accord have denied that Rugby League is a sport previously.

And Steve McColl, who created the petition, said: “Please voice your objection to this by signing the petition.

“Many players and fans enjoy playing both Rugby League and Rugby Union and it is unjustifiable to recognise this fact.

“They are separate sports just like Ice Hockey and Field Hockey.

“Millions of fans watch Rugby League worldwide with teams across the glove. We want all fans, players and clubs of all codes to sign this petition stating this fact.

“It would add a great deal of weight if the IRB made public their stance by signing up to object to this oversight.”

You can sign the petition below: