Peacock calls for smaller Super League

Leeds forward Jamie Peacock has called for a reduction in the number of teams competing in the Super League.

Peacock, who is also captain of England, believes that the Super League should be split into two divisions of ten in order to make the divisions tighter and improve the quality of matches.

He said: “I still think that 14 teams in a league are too many. I think two divisions of ten would be ideal for the competition.”

“I think with the introduction of ten substitutes, we’ll definitely see some blow out scorelines and I can see the bottom two or three clubs struggling to get results.”

Peacock also stated that he is for expansion however he doesn’t believe it should be rushed and create a similar situation to the recent Crusaders failure. 

“I’m currently undecided about another French team entering the league. If they have the quality of players then why not but if they haven’t then no.”

“This is why it would help to have the two divisions of ten; a French team could be entered into the second tier and then just see how they go on from there.” 

“It’s not a fly by night thing though; these things can take 20-30 years. We don’t need a repeat of the Celtic Crusaders; look how spectacularly they failed.”

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