Paper Talk: Restructure won’t solve problems, from RL to NFL & changes at Hull

James Gordon
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The stories catching our eye in the papers over the weekend.

Restructure proposals won’t solve rugby league problems

Rochdale chief Andy Mazey has criticised the latest proposals to change the top two tiers of the game in to two leagues of 10. He said: “The more you sit down about the 2x10s format, you realise it doesn’t address the issues with the sport at the highest level. We are simply shuffling the same old cards in a slightly different way in hope that things might change for the better. Clubs in Super League pulling in 2-3,000 for games is utterly embarrassing.” (League Express)

Little said in Rimmer media briefing

The full transcript of a media briefing with RFL chief executive Ralph Rimmer is published in League Express, where editor Martyn Sadler expresses his disappointment at the lack of information coming out of it. Numerous questions were asked, but there was a lot of “strategic” talk and not an awful lot of substance.

NRL junior becomes a starter in the NFL

A former South Sydney Rabbitohs junior is now a starter in the NFL with Philadelphia Eagles. Jordan Mailata started against Atlanta Falcons in their season opener at the weekend, having struggled to break through at Souths before moving to the US. He stands at 6ft 8” and weighs 160kg and hails from Bankstown in Sydney, to Samoan parents. Mailata said: “I will never forget my rugby league life but I want to be accountable in the sport I’m in now. I don’t want the benefit of the doubt with people thinking ‘Oh he’s a rugby player, he doesn’t know what he is doing’.” (Daily Telegraph)

McNamara hailed

Catalans winger Tom Davies has hailed Steve McNamara’s impact on the Dragons, and says he is the biggest reason for their success. He said: “People don’t see what goes on behind the scenes, they just see the wins, they don’t see the fact he’s not just a coach, he’s trying to look after 35 lads.” (The Sun)

Changes promised at Hull

Hull chief Adam Pearson has promised changes will be made to the squad over the off-season, following a disappointing campaign where they missed out on the play-offs. He said: “Excuses or not, the fact remains we have not performed to the standards we expect at this club or to a level at which this squad should be performing over the second half of the season, and it will be addressed.” (Hull Daily Mail)

Refereeing helped make a star

Leeds youngster Jack Broadbent says his youth as a referee helped develop his game. He could have been in the middle of a Super League game, but instead is playing in them. Broadbent said: “It definitely gives you an insight into what refs are thinking – I know first hand what they’ve got to deal with because I’ve done it.” (Daily Mirror)

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