Ormsby in tears after judge saves dogs from death

Warrington winger Gene Ormsby broke down in court earlier this week, when his dogs were spared death following an incident in February in Stalybridge.

Steve Troy, 47, and his two elderly dogs were set upon and “savaged” by Ormby’s pack of five dogs. Mr Troy’s dogs were left needing extrensive vetinary treatment, and almost died.

Ormsby had already pleaded guilty at an earlier hearing, held at Tameside Magistrates Court, to five charges of having a dog dangerously out of control and one of a dog causing injury whilst dangerously out of control.

The court ordered him to pay £2,500 in compensation to Mr Troy and £7,300 in kennels fees for the dogs’ detention over the past four months, on top of court costs.

“This was a truly terrifying incident with Mr Troy’s dogs essentially being savaged, causing serious injuries,” said judge Nicholas Sanders.

“There is no doubt you are a man of previous good character. However I think you showed a degree of naivety in the way you acquired the dogs, I think it’s fair to say your heart ruled your head.

“And you showed a degree of naivety in the way you handled them.”

Ormsby, who told the court that he was prepared to face jail in order to save the lives of his dogs, will now have to meet strict conditions when it comes to handling his dogs.

These include all of them being insured, neutered, chipped and muzzled outside the family home.

One adult must also be present for every two dogs when they’re taken out of the house.

“I’m absolutely over the moon the dogs are coming home. I just can’t wait to have them back,” said Ormsby.

“I’m also glad Mr Troy’s dogs are doing well and hopefully now I can put this all behind me and move on.”

Mr Troy admitted that he had mixed feelings about the verdict, but was glad that no dogs were ordered to be destroyed.

“As a dog lover myself you don’t want to see anyone have their dogs put down,” he said.

“Hopefully this will serve as a warning to people to be more responsible in the future.”

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