Opinion: Salford’s signings have been a revelation for Super League

Drew Darbyshire

Photo courtesy of Richard Long

Salford’s star signings Jackson Hastings and Joey Lussick have been a breath of fresh air so far and Super League needs more players like them.

The duo arrived at the Red Devils ahead of The Qualifiers last season and impressive performances from both of them helped the club avoid relegation and remain in Super League.

Hastings, in particular, has proved to be a huge hit with fans of the Salford club and you only had to see the celebrations after their win over Toulouse Olympique to realise that.

Lussick, too, has proved to be an absolute pearler of a signing. He has been a consistent performer for the Red Devils and is set for a big 2019.

But what is more striking about the pair of them is their personalities.

From how they come across on social media, they seem like genuinely great blokes who have big hearts and want to make a difference for Salford as a club and a community.

The pair have introduced a number of younger fans to come and meet the players at training, and this is what rugby league is all about. Player and fan interaction is crucial.

They go out of their way to make a difference, which is simply class. Sometimes, players come to Super League from overseas just for a pay packet but this is certainly not the case with Hastings and Lussick.

Their latest video is a proper feel-good story…

I can’t stress how good this is for the sport, Salford, its players and fans.

In any sport nowadays, it seems as though the fans are being pulled further away from the clubs but this is not happening at Salford.

The attitudes that Hastings and Lussick have shown towards Salford and Super League has been remarkable and we need more players like them, who are willing to take time out of their day to make a difference.

Salford are doing a great job of marketing their players as well. The Red Devils might not have the biggest fanbase, the best squad or the best facilities – but they are one of the best clubs for helping turn their players into actual stars. More clubs should think about following suit…

Hopefully we can see many more good actions of Hastings and Lussick in 2019.