Opinion: Clubs should take note of Warrington’s wonderful marketing and learn from the Wolves

Warrington have set the benchmark for marketing and advertisement in Super League this year.

The Wolves have been prolific promoters over the off-season and in the early rounds of Super League in 2019.

Games are no longer enough to attract the modern-day spectator. People want more for their money, and Warrington are giving them just that.

Warrington aren’t just preaching to the converted either. They have been advertising their upcoming games in the town’s Eastern European shops, which is a new way of bringing local people into the club and the sport.

But it’s the matchday entertainment that is the most impressive. People start to go to the Halliwell Jones Stadium much earlier than the scheduled kick-off time now because they know they will be entertained, whether that be by a band, artist, DJ or the club’s cheerleading squad – the Wirettes.

Famous Manchester DJ and radio presenter, Clint Boon, did a set on before Warrington’s home match against Castleford on Thursday.

Even if people aren’t really interested in watching the rugby but are a fan of Boon or the Inspiral Carpets – they might be willing to pay the match fee just to see him. Again, it’s a great way of attracting new audiences.

And if that wasn’t enough, Warrington also put on Europe’s first-ever Human Video Board just a few moments before kick-off. It produced a carnival like atmosphere at the Halliwell Jones Stadium and Wolves coach Steve Price also praised the club’s marketing efforts after the game.

The ‘Wire Flyer’ has been one of the best half-time entertainment games I’ve seen at any sporting ground in years. It’s intriguing because we don’t yet know who the rapid flyer is yet, and it certainly gets fans laughing and engaging on the terraces.

The Wolves are doing things different at the minute and are showing Super League just how marketing should be done.

Warrington chief executive Karl Fitzpatrick said: “When people come to the Halliwell Jones Stadium, we know they will see a fantastic product and performance on the pitch, but we want to make sure that is matched off the pitch.”

Those are fine words from Fitzpatrick, who you can clearly tell is passionate about turning the Wolves into a brand, not just a successful sporting organisation. The Wolves’ marketing and communications team, led by Paul MacLeod, should be praised for taking the club to a whole new level.

Sport is like showbiz these days, and the Wolves are embracing it. It’s exciting times for Warrington, on and off the field.

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