NRL to give Marshall time

The NRL say they will allow Benji Marshall an opportunity to clear his name after he was charged with assault.

But they say the 26-year-old New Zealand skipper could face disciplinary action if he is found guilty, following an incident at the weekend.

The NRL have received a report from Wests Tigers, freeing Marshall of all blame during the scuffle, saying he behaved in an “exemplary manner.”

“The only issue that would seem capable of attracting any penalty from the NRL in this matter is the one that will be determined in court,” NRL chief David Gallop said.

“It may well be that Benji can successfully defend the allegation and he is entitled to that opportunity.

“Both he and the Wests Tigers, though, need to be aware that the seriousness of this matter and the importance of the week will dictate the need for strong action if he is unsuccessful in defending the charge.”

The organisation say there are a number of other high-profile cases in which it has not intervened during court cases.

A statement from the NRL said: “In all cases the NRL gives the club, as the player’s employer, the opportunity to examine all aspects of a matter and to impose any initial sanction.

“The NRL will intervene where it believes the club has not acted appropriately and impose further sanction against the player or the club.”

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