NRL considering trial for 20-40 kick

NRL coaches are considering whether to trial a proposed 20-40 rule.

The proposed rule would enable the attacking team to win a scrum feed inside their opponents’ 40-metre zone by kicking the ball into touch from behind their own 20-metre line.

The rule would operate exactly the same as the 40-20 kick, but obviously with different marginal zones.

In 1997, the 40-20 kick was introduced and it enables a team to win a scrum feed within 20 metres of the opposition’s try-line from a kick inside their own 40-metre mark.

The ball must bounce in the field of play before going in touch and the scrum will take place wherever the ball has passed over the touchline.

The 20-40 kick rule has been proposed so it would help teams relieve pressure when getting out of their own 20-metre zone.

It could be brought into the NRL to open the game up because wingers would need to drop back in anticipation of a 20-40 kick, therefore it would open up defences and make them wider.

It has been reported by that any trial would take place outside of the NRL competition.

Should the NRL introduce the proposed 20-40 kick rule? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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