Norman and Segeyaro subject to sex tape extortion bid

Media in Australia is reporting that Parramatta Eels player Corey Norman is currently the subject of an extortion attempt.

Apparently, a sex tape and another tape showing him in a room where drug taking is happening have been offered to the media for Aus$150,000.

New Leeds hooker James Segeyaro is also reportedly in one of the videos.

Channel 7 in Australia has reported that the videos are “graphic and explicit.”

“Norman can be seen in a room where drug taking appears to be taking place,” Channel 7’s Liam Cox said.

“It does not show Norman taking drugs.

“Another video is for sale of Norman, a naked woman and former Panthers player James Segeyaro is also in the room.”

The NRL integrity unit has requested that the Eels investigate the matter.

Norman is set to face court later this this week on drug possession charges.

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