NEWS: Brian Noble “proud” of Building Winning Teams

Neil Barraclough

Brian Noble has revealed his pride at his new book Building Winning Teams after a successful launch period in the run up to Christmas.

The former Bradford, Wigan, Crusaders and Great Britain coach penned the book before having any publishing deal on the table.

But he is delighted with the final result, which brings together his own thoughts and experiences as well as those from successful sports personalities and high achievers in business.

Noble told the White Line Fever podcast: “I finished coaching – or rather didn’t finish, but I’m waiting for the next gig, if it ever comes along – and in the boredom scribbled down four pads of notes and pieced it all together.

“I got a load of my friends in sport and business to qualify some of the chapters I’ve written – people like Mickey Rourke, Martin O’Neill, Michael Vaughan, Linford Christie as well as some great rugby league names like Shaun Edwards, Jason Robinson and Johnathan Davies – and I’m really pleased with it. I’m proud of it.”

Building Winning Teams is out now. Click here to view the book’s current price on Amazon.