New Super League board outlines its vision

The new Super League board, made up of a representative from each of its member clubs, says it is committed to growing itself and the wider game.

Initial discussions have been held with the RFL with a view to improving the quality of the competition, its financial strength, its valuation and its profile.

This management and commercial review is to be undertaken within the overall context of growing and strengthening the game of Rugby League in its entirety, particularly at community and grassroots level.

Brian Barwick, Chairman of both Super League (Europe) and of The Rugby Football League, stated: “Recent seasons have produced a continuous period of financial stability in Super League as well as a compelling and highly competitive league.

“It is only right now that Super League reviews all realistic and practical ways to strengthen itself further and it can only be good that this is done in open and collaborative discussion and review with the Rugby Football League.

“A strong and competitive Super League is a prerequisite to a strong game overall, both domestically and internationally.

“The years ahead will provide some fantastic commercial opportunities for Rugby League both in this country and internationally, its constituent bodies will continue to work together to best access and exploit these.”

The common objective of both Super League and the RFL is to raise the profile of the game with investors, the media, sponsors and the public alike.