Nahaboo: Give Featherstone a chance

Featherstone received a mass vote of confidence today when majority shareholder Feisal Nahaboo confirmed the club has access to substantial financial resources, which would allow them to compete with the top eight Super League clubs should space be created for Rovers to enter the competition next season.

In an interview Nahaboo confirmed, “Whilst not ideal, we can be ready to mix with the greats of rugby league. We certainly deserve it. We’ve won the league three years on a trot and this year’s shield is in our hands.

“Statistics don’t lie and it would be farcical if space became available and we weren’t offered entry.

“The sport is starved of funds and we’ve made it clear we have the funds available to build Featherstone Rovers into a rugby league powerhouse, and we should be encouraged not discouraged.

“The current system to date has not worked. The number of Super League clubs going into administration or failing to pay players wages is an embarrassment.

“We own our ground, we have a strong board with at least two key Shareholders generating seven-figure profits from businesses they run successfully and own.

“Rugby league is ready for entrepreneurs. We’ve seen Dr Marwan Koukash take on Salford City Reds and I’m sure he will show his value to the sport next year. I’m no different. Give the club a chance and we strengthen Super League.

“I am confident we will attract at least 4,000-5,000 fans each week and we have the strategic, business and commercial acumen to build Featherstone Rovers and be sustainable. If given the chance we are ready, and we can pledge a seven figure sum in an escrow account if that ever became a criteria.

“I will be waiting for the RFL to contact us in the event a space becomes available next season. In the meantime, we continue to build Featherstone Rovers, whilst I pledge my support to the RFL and the game by announcing I will be sponsoring at least one of the home nations in the 2013 World Cup.”

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